My name is Elvis González Abreu, I was born on December 31, 1991, since I was first months old I went to live in the Dominican Republic with my maternal family, so I consider myself 100% Dominican. From a very young age I have had a love of dance so my family always supported me, although they did not think that I would take it so seriously so that I will live from dance, training for 4 years in classical dance that although it was not What I really liked, I took advantage of the opportunity offered by the Alina Abreu dance school in the Dominican Republic and trained as a classical dancer, this school giving me the opportunity to participate in various recitals and musicals; I have belonged to several urban dance groups such as STREE DANCE CREW, FAME, FORCE CLASS CREW and G-CREW, participating in different national and international competitions. In 2008 the zumba fitness program arrived in the Dominican Republic and in 2009 I was trained as an instructor of this dance-based fitness program, after I started working in different gyms in the Dominican Republic, I took more passion to instruct this filled me with satisfaction And seeing that what I did was good for people, not only with their health but also how they felt when they took a class with me is why I decided to take Pilates classes, thinking that before people liked me I had to like it to me because in this way I transmit my passion to others; In 2011 I traveled to Colombia and trained as a Pilates and yoga teacher, that was when I decided to take other directed classes such as TRX, Metabolic Training, Hiit and GAP. I certified myself in the aforementioned disciplines and trained for 6 months to start teaching them.Always trying to fill myself with new knowledge in 2015 I trained for 1 year 6 months as Personal training. For 10 years I have not stopped learning about the fitness world and always with the desire to continue acquiring knowledge to always provide the best of myself. 2015 I graduated in advertising and public relations at the APEC University of the Dominican Republic and I continued studying Business Administration at the same university, I did a master's degree in 2016-2018 in General Nutrition at the Pontificia Madre y Maestra PCC University. 2019 I certified from the VXN WORKOUP program, being the first man in the world to be an instructor in this dance-based fitness program.I currently reside in Palma de Mallorca (SPAIN), where I teach each program of which I am specialized.