Welcome to our new online fitness platform,

from now on you can enjoy various types of fitness activities from

your home with us, you can also access our variety of services such as distance

personal training,  find a face-to-face class, a class online or a pre-recorded class.

You can contact us at any time to advise you on the different options

you have to keep moving from home.


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Class Schedule

In the session of pre-recorded classes you have more than 200 fitness classes of different modalities to do at the time you want and when you want, every day we will upload the fitness class performed live so that you can also enjoy it
Enjoy our free trial period for 24 hours where you can enjoy live classes, prerecorded classes and all the services of our MASVirtualgym.
*All services included.
If you have a sports center or an activity room, this is our proposal so that all the members of your gym continue to train and stay connected with your center.
We offer several services in which one of them is to create your own fitness channel with all the services that your gym offers online and personalized with the trainers of your center, all the services of MASVirtualgym are also included.
You can contact us to set up a meeting and find out better about all the conditions of this service.
In our Virtual Gym here you can find and rent fitness classes to do at any time from your home, once the class is rented you can enjoy it in a period of 72 hours.
If you are a fitness instructor or work in the sector, from now on you can enjoy our choreographies with modern songs to use in your classes, with our MASCHOREOS concept you can download the video with the complete choreography.

In MASVirtualgym you can also find fitness channels with trainers from around the world with different types of classes especially for you.


* If you are a coach and want to get your own fitness channel, please contact us through email:

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to be in touch with you.

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